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The Editor wrote to the TN Government under RTI Act to know whether the G.O.790 DATED 22.8.1994 is in force or not 30 days ago But till day the Government has not taken any interest to reply. Ministers have not filed report regarding their property held and obey the G.O.

V.சிவராமன், எடிட்டர் மற்றும் நிறுவுனர், தொகுதி மேம்பாடு.

V.சிவராமன், எடிட்டர் மற்றும் நிறுவுனர், தொகுதி மேம்பாடு.

About Us

I am V.Sivaraman, the editor and publisher of this Newspaper "Thogudhi Membadu" sub-titled "Police News". I come from a humble family and I hail from Mannargudi, a small town, centrally located in the erstwhile integrated Tanjore District, the rice bowl and The Chola pride of our state, Tamilnadu.

Tanjore has produced a number of eminent scholars, lawyers, jurists, orators, writers, teachers, politicians, administrators and all kinds of professionals. Tanjore is famous for Music, Dance and Vedic Chanting and hence known for its own heritage and culture. I am proud to be called a Tanjorean.

After graduation I went to Mumbai in 1973 searching for livelihood but, I must admit, I couldn’t settle down in a job that would satisfy me or suit my nature and skill. But, Mumbai!! How can I forget the 23 years I lived there! I must say it is only Mumbai that molded me to become a full man exposing me to the larger part of the world. I learned the local language, Marathi apart from learning to speak chaste Hindi, our national pride.

I started in 1979 a printing press with only a motorized treadle machine. However small was the establishment I became a national printer catering to the needs of the Postal Department’s Civil Wing and Central Public Works Department thanks to my brother who introduced me to an officer in the Postal Department’s Civil Wing. This gave me an opportunity to tour the major Cities and Towns of India. As a keen observer and reader of people and their culture I learned quite a lot from my business. However I bade a good-bye to Mumbai in 1996 for personal reasons.

There after for 5 years I tried my luck in the agriculture. It was my dream project to produce 1000 kg of green vegetable per day for the consumption of the local market. For this I invested all the money I had in a public limited company "Shiv Farm Products Ltd" incorporated by me but ill luck had its own say; the monsoon failed continuously for the next 5 years; the earth I had procured was sloppy and rocky below one meter of the surface. I incurred heavy loss in terms of time and money. I didn’t lose heart; I always had a flair for writing; I wished to employ this skill of mine and I became a journalist. This new incarnation as a journalist gives me absolute satisfaction as  I am able to help the society to my capacity being a writer.  

2.    POLITICAL NEWSPAPER - "THOGUDHI MEMBADU"  : Thogudhi means a politically divided electoral constituency and Membadu means development. We wished to give all news about the development and the schemes implemented by the government in the constituencies and hence this name. This newspaper was launched in the year 2001.  

3.    POLICE NEWSPAPER   – It’s the Sub-Title to the main caption adopted by us for a lot of news about the police appeared in our columns. The news about the development and the police functioning reflect the performance of any government. So we felt it necessary to write on these subjects and we continue to do so till date.  

4.    TELEPHONE DIRECTORY – POLITICAL "WHO IS WHO IN A GOVERNMENT"  -: In a democracy the people must know the persons elected to the law making body (State Legislature or parliament). For this we came out with our first edition of a Political Directory giving the details about the entire cabinet of the state and the central government, the legislators and parliamentarians elected from Tamilnadu in the year 2001. This was continuously corrected to include the frequent changes that were occurring and our last edition for this purpose was released in the year 2006 when Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi took over the reins of the new government in Tamilnadu. 
5.    TELEPHONE DIRECTORY - FOR POLICE  : In India the IAS (Indian administrative service) and the IPS (Indian police service) are the two wings of the permanent machinery of the government. Whereas the IAS takes care of the administration and the revenue income and expenditure of the government, the IPS personnel are entrusted with the maintenance of law and order, and protection of the people and property. Here again, we thought that the citizens must know the custodians of these subjects and hence the publication, Police Telephone Directory. Our 1st such directory came out in the year 2003 and now the 20th edition of police directory-2010 has been published. 

Since these directories show the photographs of the persons concerned with all other details we call them "Muhamum Muhavarium" 

6.BOOK ON SETHU CANAL PROJECT I take part with a firm commitment in all events of public importance and feel duty bound in doing so. Accordingly I took active interest in the deliberations of the Experts’ Committee on Sethu Canal Project formed by the Tamilnadu Government on the advice of the Supreme Court of India in October 2007. I had the privilege to give a long speech for 45 minutes  before the committee headed by the then Vice Chancellor of Madras University Mr.Ramachandran. In my speech I had dealt with various factors related  the economic viability and the technical feasibility of the project. I  take  pride and feel proud in  publishing my speech in my website and I would like to receive the pats and bricks alike from the readers of the same in the internet.

7.OTHER PUBLICATIONS: Otherwise not a quiet person, I do write a lot of poems and write books on many subjects. I am now ready with a book titled "KALIYUGATHIL KAMUGANIN PEYATTAM" and this will be released during the launching of my website www.policenews.in. I have in this book dealt with a number of subjects and discussed the destruction of our culture and civilisation in the name of modernisation. The readers of this book will come to know to what depth the virtues are being destroyed.

I wish the viewers of my website www.policenews.in revert back to me with their comments, be it positive or negative.

Thanking you



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